Fifth Grade

Math:  We have just concluded our unit on division and will soon begin our work with fractions.  During these next few units we will be learning how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators, work with mixed numbers, and multiply and divide fractions.
Social Studies:  We are in the middle of our unit on ancient Egypt.  In this unit we are learning about the geography, government, social classes, and daily life of that fascinating time period.  It is always a subject of great interest to the kids, but who doesn’t want to know more about mummies?!

ELA:  We have begun our reading unit on author’s purpose.  We are learning to identify when an author is writing to entertain, inform, or persuade an audience.    We will also be working on informative writing. For this writing, we will be pulling together our skills in paragraph writing so that we can write a cohesive report on our subject.  This writing will require research and citations. As always, we will be continuing our work with grammar, as well as building our writing stamina.



PE:  During PE students will be doing their fitnessgram fitness tests.  These tests include the push up, curl up, sit and reach, and pacer.  They record individual scores with the teachers help and are able to monitor their progress from year to year.  Our next unit at the conclusion of fitness testing will be paddle ball. Below is a website with more information on the fitnessgram testing.

HEALTH:  During health class students will be finishing up their nutrition unit.  During this time students will explore food labels and understand the importance of healthy eating habits.  Next up is the anti-smoking unit and our Erin’s Law presentation.