Curriculum Corner

Third Grade

Third grade has been working hard on problem solving skills in all content areas! We had a great time doing a Valentine’s Day STEM activity working on our communication and problem solving skills. We are also enjoying our new math unit on fractions!





Fourth Grade

In reading, we have been focusing on nonfiction text.  Students have been identifying text features and the 5 structures of text.  They will be applying these skills in their writing as well.

In math, we are concluding our focus on long division. Students have been working on interpreting the remainder and solving two step word problems.  We will be giving the unit assessment the last week of February.

Fifth Grade

Math:  We are now deep within the realm of fractions.  We have learned how to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators, and are now moving on to doing these same operations with mixed numbers.  These computations can be much more involved, but we are trying to think of them as fun puzzles to solve. This unit will be completed in a few weeks, at which time we will begin our unit on fraction multiplication.

Science:  Our third quarter has begun with how matter and energy moves through ecosystems.  We are learning how plants (producers) use photosynthesis to turn energy from the sun into food, and how that energy then gets transferred to other organisms (consumers and decomposers).

ELA:  We are continuing our work on informative writing.  Some of the classes are working on biographies, and others are working on other subjects directly related to their reading.  We will then take our new information and write a longer essay on the subjects. We are especially focusing on organization of the essay, as well as the research involved in compiling enough quality information for the report.


In Music class, four grade levels are getting ready for their upcoming music programs.  Kindergarten and First Grades have a winter theme and will be performing on Thursday, February 21st. Second and third grades have their performances on Thursday, March 7th and they have a health and fitness theme. Consult Mrs. Mack’s webpage for more information!