5th Grade Beginning Band Program

Dear 4th Grade Parents and Students,

Greetings from the District 301 Band Program! We are very excited to begin the registration process for another great year of music-making in our 5th Grade Beginning Band program! This letter serves as an introduction to this exciting and truly unique experience.

The beginning band program provides students a one-of-a-kind experience to learn how to play an instrument. Our program provides instruction on:

  • Specific instrument sound production and techniques

  • Music reading skills including reading note names, rhythms, and vocabulary

  • Irreplaceable Full-Band musical performance concepts

  • Concert performance preparation and etiquette

During these two weeks of April, students will be learning about the band instruments and trying out their top two choices during their music classes. Students who are interested in joining band in 5th grade will then talk with their parents about attending registration night.

Our registration times are: Friday, April 26th at CMS from 4-7pm and Saturday, April 27th at PKMS from 9am-noon. Interested families need only attend one event. The entire process should take approximately 30 minutes.

For more information on the band program and sign up procedure, please click on our Google Presentation (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HXMZjMOo-zjwljdIpoVF-OHyzTtZMyeElxalYH2jMCY/edit?usp=sharing), and read the attached PDF. Students will be receiving information to take home during the week of April 22nd. If you have any questions on the attached material, please feel free to email:

Annaliese Siegel (annaliese.siegel@central301.net) – Prairie Knolls, Country Trails, Prairie View


Kevin Fredrick (kevin.fredrick@central301.net) – CMS, Lily Lake, HBT

We look forward to meeting your children in upcoming weeks, and you at registration night!


Annaliese Siegel and Kevin Fredrick