Curriculum Corner

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Third Grade

Third grade students started the year with team building activities. Each class had an opportunity to complete a Break Out Box Challenge! They worked well together and earned a Cougar Pride ticket for their success! 











Fourth Grade

Math – We are wrapping up our Unit 1 on place value and will begin our addition and subtraction unit next. 

Science- We will be learning about different body systems in both humans and animals. 

Reading – We will be digging deeper into the fiction genre exploring settings and analyzing characters. 

Writing- We will be focusing on paragraph writing. 

Fifth Grade

Math:  Fifth graders have been working very hard on place value and addition/subtraction of decimals.  To help us understand the concepts, we are using lots of manipulatives and number talks. This unit is the foundation for what we will be learning for the year, so we want to be sure that our skills are solid.  Our first unit test will be the week of September 16th.

Science:  We are approaching the end of our first science unit:  Earth’s Systems. In this unit we have learned that the Earth’s system includes the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere and biosphere.  We are learning about what takes place in each sphere, as well as how the different spheres interact with one another. Examples include phenomenon like the water cycle, weathering, and erosion. We are also learning how the spheres can be affected by human activity, and ways scientists have found to mitigate some harmful effects.

ELA:  We began our year of reading with main idea and supporting details, and will shortly move on to summarizing.  We are concluding our unit on figurative language, including similes, metaphors, hyperbole, idioms, personification, onomatopoeia, and alliteration.  We also started the year revisiting complete sentences and proper paragraphs, as well as the beginning of good grammar practices. These will be areas that will be practiced regularly throughout the year so we can continue to improve our writing and communication skills.


In PE students are in week two of their soccer unit.  Over the next few weeks they will be starting their team tournament.  Next up for our students at Country Trails is the football unit.

In health class students started the year off talking about exercise and what it does to the body.  Coming up next we will cover emergency plans such as fire safety, severe weather, and our school blue point system.