Curriculum Corner

Kindergarten is having so much fun researching the Arctic and the animals that live there.  We are learning about the environment and how animals adapt to that environment.  We are researching different animals and becoming authors of our very first non-fiction title.  He have read tons of books and researched online.  Here are a few links to some of the AWESOME science videos that have helped us research our animals.

In First Grade, we are spending time learning about habitats, animal adaptations, and researching an animal of their choice. We will also be exploring various versions of favorite fairy tales.

The Second Graders had fun creating valentine heart cards. These cards will be sent to recovering soldiers at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C.

The Fourth Graders are going to begin researching a state for an informative essay.  Students will get to choose a state, and research a selection of topics including land forms and climate, tourist attractions, historical events, etc. This will be our first multi paragraph essay, we are excited to see the final products.
The Fifth Graders have been working hard.  Students are studying ancient Egypt; learning about its geography, rulers, and the everyday life of the people.  In math, they have fearlessly entered the world of fractions, where the next few weeks will be full of adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  Fifth graders are finishing their book report novels, so they can begin work on their tri-fold reports.  This major project, which they will work on through the quarter, is an in-depth novel study.  Students will be studying the main character, setting, plot and theme of their chosen novels.