Curriculum Corner

3rd Grade

On Thursday, October 3rd, 3rd grade participated in a few different STEM activities to help build team building skills, communication, problem solving and reasoning skills! Students displayed their creativity through different activities. 











4th Grade

Fourth grade is approaching the end of our second math unit. In this unit, students have been learning about multidigit addition and subtraction, both standard and within a word problem. We are also learning about perimeter. 

For science we are learning all about the human body. We’ve recently learned all about the eye, central nervous system, how muscles work, and lastly, parts of a plant. 

In the subject of writing, we are transitioning from foundational grammar skills to idea organization and the paragraph writing process. As for reading, we are analyzing character traits as well as character change within literature. 

5th Grade

Math:  We are working hard on multiplication of both whole numbers and decimals.  We have learned how to multiply by powers of ten in standard and exponent form.  We are also learning how to do this as both mental math and using the standard algorithm.  We are currently at the midpoint of this unit.

Social Studies:  Our first social studies unit was a short one on geography, including map skills using latitude and longitude.  Our current unit is about Mesopotamia, the “The Land Between the Rivers”. Our key focus for this unit is how complex civilizations evolved from simple communities of hunters and gatherers.  In this unit we will learn about ancient Sumer, as well as other empires of this area. Topics include the social structure, technological advancements, government, art, and religion.

ELA:  We are continuing our lessons on important reading strategies.  We are finishing the unit on comparing and contrasting, and will move on to point of view.  As always, students are practicing their writing skills and increasing their writing stamina through various classroom exercises, like writing and editing paragraphs. 


The fourth and fifth grades have been preparing for their music programs on Thursday, November 14th. The fourth-grade program, “Hungry to Learn” will be presented at 6:00 pm and the fifth-grade program, “Education Rocks,” will be performed at 7:00 pm that night. To access information or DVD order forms, click here to go to Mrs. Mack’s website.

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