Veterans Day

Dear Parents,

We can never fully repay our debt of gratitude to the more than 650,000 American service members who died in battle or the 1.4 million who were wounded. We can, however, recognize and thank the 25 million veterans still living today.  Even though we can’t honor our veterans in our typical way here at Country Trails, we still want to make sure they know how much we appreciate their sacrifice and we want to make sure our students learn how important the day is.

To help honor our veterans we are asking our students to write a letter to a hero.  It can be to a specific veteran that they know or it can be an open letter to any veteran.  Please take the time to talk to your children about the sacrifices our service members make to ensure our freedom.  Our goal is to send our school’s letters to Hines VA Hospital.  Please send your letters back to school by Wednesday, November 4th.  If your child is full remote, he/she can send the letter electronically to their teacher.  If you have a veteran or service member in your family please feel free to write and send your letter to them.

We would also like to invite our families to send in pictures of family members that have served or who are currently serving. We plan to honor these service members in a social media display through our school/district social media for our families and community to see.  Please complete this form to share your photos with us, Our Family’s Veteran.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding sending the photos, please contact  Due to time constraints, pictures sent after Nov 1st cannot be included in our slide show.

Finally, in order to help our students understand the importance of the day, we would love to invite any veterans or active duty service members to either read a book about the military or to speak with a class about their experience in the military.  These would need to be done virtually, through Google Meet.  If you have someone who would be willing and able to do this, please complete the following:  Veterans’ Day Sharing

Thank you for your support,

The CT Veteran’s Day Committee